Green Wave Energy Company, Energy Storage, and Clean Water

Green Wave Energy - Buoyancy Hydro

Buoyancy Hydro is currently seeking funding for a revolutionary new wave energy technology.

The technology involves a wave energy device that delivers Green Energy, Energy Storage, and Clean Water. Research and development started many years ago in Australia; over the past two years the team in Europe has completed the first two phases with amazing results. The University of Leuven have backed findings and is very interested in working further on the project.

Please have a look through our video below and contact us with any questions you have and to participate in this world changing technology.

Green Energy

  • Captures wave energy
  • Converts this to compressed air
  • Releases compressed air into buoyancy hydro system
  • System creates pressure difference under water
  • This drives turbine at base to generate electrical power

Energy Storage

  • Takes electricity from power grid
  • At lower demand time or when wind mills are producing power
  • Power drives air compressors
  • Compressed air is stored (tanks or underground chambers)
  • Air released in buoyancy hydro system
  • Converting compressed air back to electrical energy on demand

Clean Water

  • By extending system deeper under water
  • Air rising in confined chamber
  • Separates contaminates from water
  • Delivering clean water from most populated water supplies


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